Merry Merry; the World is Quite Contrary!

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We had a snow fall a couple of weeks ago which ignited my inner Christmas.  It was beautiful!  Now I am trying to keep my Christmas Spirit, really I am, but between the Sydney cafe incident, and the Pakistan school massacre; it just isn’t working.  I have been so upset about it all, and even though my cookies are baked (took two days) the lights are hung (thank you Maddie), and the fully stuffed stockings from my mother-in-law arrived today (thank you Bonnie), I still can’t quite get out of the doldrums. Winter Wonderland; 2014

My soul is lightened a little bit with the beauty of my home and the fire that keeps us warm, but the sorrows of the world surround us because of the immediacy of the news.  All we can do is embrace each day with Faith, Hope, and Love and of course the greatest of these is LOVE (thank you St. Paul)!

I want to say “I love you” to all of those who have departed this earthly realm, love to all of those persons who I have deliberately cut out of my life for various reasons, but mostly to not inflict myself on them, and to those persons who are in my life at the moment who continue to bring me joy and happiness.

Here’s to you dear husband, Suzette, Rod, Chris and Margaret, D.J., Patrick, Melissa, Jimmi, Maddie, Robin, Bonnie and Paul, Karen S., Pam R., Patty K., P.K., Catherine and Dale, Lorry, Lisa and Lynn, my amazing students, my creative team, cast and crew members of “Bright Star”, “Room With A View” “Piazza”, and “Grey Gardens”, everyone in NYC  i.e. John and Earl, Rick, and last but certainly not least all of my dear friends in Albuquerque; Dan P., Louise, Lynn, and Mike C., and on and on…….I think of all of you so often.  Anyway……

I wish everyone a safe and memorable Christmas filled with love for each other, and prayers for the world.

GOD BLESS US EVERYONE; (thank you Charles Dickens)!





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  1. Thomas  December 17, 2014

    Merry Christmas Nummers


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