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Well the time has arrived for “War Paint” to begin Tech rehearsals in the tight quarters of New York’s Nederlander Theatre. I think most people in my life know how much I abhor the necessary, but brutal weeks of “tech” and I have to remind myself that I must put on my “patience hat”.

The process is so hard on the feet; especially those in costume, but our director graciously stated that he and the costume designer will certainly understand when the ladies don their slippers during the long hours onstage as the crew and designers create the amazing atmosphere that is “War Paint”.

The actors who cover all the various roles are qualified beyond words, and will be utilized a lot during the weeks leading up to the first Preview slated for March 7th, and on through to Opening Night of April 6th.

The production is in very good shape, and many of the technical cues will remain from the Chicago mounting so that gives me hope that the process of tweaking the details will be just a little less stressful than last summer.

There are two woman plus myself who are “out of towners” and I am very grateful to have them in my life right now as we share the “War Paint” experience together. We have so much in common; strong long term marriages to amazing spouses willing to make huge sacrifices for us while we are honored to be participating in a new Broadway musical. We also share the same convictions and beliefs as well as the exact same work ethic and approach to learning roles. Most importantly, we share the constant companion called loneliness and do so with strength, humor, and courage. We have also made a promise to take care of each other as we share this journey, and its a promise I intend to keep.

I will attempt to update as much as I can while wearing the requisite black clothes and heels to stand by for “places everyone….house lights to half……and……go!”

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