The 2013 Gregory Awards

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photoI was so tired this morning from last night’s excitement on winning a Theatre Puget Sound Gregory Award.  My husband took this photo of me as I had just been handed the award, and you can see from the photo that I was just standing there staring at this beautiful crystal award with my name on it.   I was taken aback by it’s weight and beauty, and as it caught the light; my whole inner being was struck dumb as I was remembering everyone who had been a part of my theater life for the last forty years.  I really had a “moment” as they say, and suddenly realized that it was too quiet and thought to myself “oh dear, I have to say something!’ photo1

My husband had asked me earlier in the day if I had thought about what I was going to say if I won, and I gave him an overview of my speech which included thanking the 5th Avenue and ACT, Kurt Beattie, the cast etc.  But all of that went right out of the window while I was having the “moment” and then when I had finally finished talking; I knew that I had left out everything I had intended to say.

Now I understand the feeling of being stunned into silence and forgetfulness at the sheer overwhelming gratitude, shock, surprise, excitement, and emotion that happens to people at award shows.  At least I didn’t cry; I welled up, but I didn’t cry.

patti cohenour gregory awards red carpet

Now I am going to write what I should have written down and said last night.  I think the reason I didn’t write a speech was because I did NOT want to assume I would win, since I never have won an award before.  I have been given awards, but have never won an award when nominated for one.   I certainly didn’t want to be so eogtistical as to think that no one else but me should win, and therefore I did NOT prepare.  OOPS!  Oh well here is the speech that I should have given…..

First of all, a huge thank you to all of the TPS Gregory committee who made the evening possible. What a joyful party of fun people!  I must say with deepest gratitude that I could not have accomplished what I did with the roles without the steady hand and loving heart of my director Kurt Beattie, the support from David Armstrong who believed in me every step of the way, and of course the foundation of spirit, optimsim, and eccentricities of the Beale women.  What a couple of amazing souls. Thank you Edith and Edie.  I must thank my cast and crew, my loving and courageous husband, and everyone who I have been Blessed to share my remarkable life both on and off the stage.  Thank you.


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