The Little Sunflower Seed

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I have been nurturing a little sunflower seed since Spring. It was at the bottom of a burlap bag that had been a gift I sent to my husband back when I was holed up in the Theatre District in NYC for the whole of 2017. Finding the seed made me remember all those months alone with the saddest part being that I wasn’t allowed to have any pets!

I look back now and just smile because the only living thing I had was a little African Violet I was given on Opening Night of the show. I named her “Violet”…imaginative don’t you think? She was a nice, but quiet companion, and when I packed up to come home she was placed into a little paper bag and brought onto the airplane to make the journey home. She likes it here and just bloomed again a couple of weeks ago; it is the little things that lighten the heart.

I can’t tell you how many hours were spent in that NY apartment looking for ideas in garden art and flowers online. All it did was remind me of what I had left behind to be on Broadway again. It was a very LONG year away from husband, hearth, and home. Needless to say, I now have an aversion to all things theatre, but the flip side is that I have a great love for all things that reside in the garden, and especially now that I have the great gift of being home, and staying home.

When I found it, I didn’t know if the little seed would even grow, but I planted it in a pot of soil by the kitchen window, and as of yesterday; the little sunflower seed bloomed into a beautiful flower which made me well up with pride and wonder.

When you have a responsibility to something other than yourself it keeps you grounded. Not to say that you shouldn’t have a responsibility to yourself because that is a given, or should be, but to take care of a little seed, and see the fruits of your labor reward you with such miraculous beauty is beyond exciting, and it certainly lifts the Spirit!

Autumn arrives on Monday, and I’m already in Winter prep mode. I have a deep feeling that Winter will not be kind this Season. My fingers are crossed that I’m proven wrong, but Mother Nature rules, and must always be respected before she slaps us around for being ill behaved. All I know is the overwhelming gifts she brings to us everyday is a pure miracle.


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  1. Donna Migliaccio  September 20, 2019

    Glad to see that Violet is blooming and you’re doing well! xxx Donna


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