Good Night Sweet Prince!

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Hal Prince passed today! He was 91 years old.

Hamlet “If you ever loved me, then please postpone the sweet relief of death awhile, and stay in this harsh world long enough to tell my story.”
Horatio “Now a noble heart is breaking. Good night, sweet prince. May hosts of angels sing you to sleep” 
Hamlet; Act Five, Scene Two

I pay homage to Hal Prince; a remarkable man who will be held in great esteem for generations to come.

I loved and admired Hal ...

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An Unexpected Insightful Journey

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Yesterday, I went on a road trip with my husband up to Port Angeles to meet with a United States Coast Guard rescue swimmer. We both love our “road trips” so I was very happy to accompany him even though we had to leave at the crack of dawn. The weather was cooperating, the drive fun, and it is always a great chance to visit with one another. I have to say that after being married for almost thirty five years ...

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