66 Years in October!

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Next week I turn 66. I am amazingly intimidated as I gaze at the number. Maybe I should write it out and it will look a little less intimidating…..sixty six……NOPE still intimidating.

I will say that I am very happy to be alive, and just this afternoon I had a quiet moment sitting under our magnificent Japanese Maple tree as the sun warmed my face, the birds were singing, the chipmunks were barking, the two cats were exploring, and all was well with the world or should I say my world. I actually spoke to God and thanked Him for my Blessings; something I should probably do more often.

A couple of days ago I phoned my friend P.K. who was also celebrating his Birthday. We were born a week apart on the same year and are so much alike. He told me that his dream had finally come true when he recently purchased a little house over looking a lake. As we talked, he was in the process of setting up everything with the help of his brother, and sounded so happy! I was thrilled for him because no one deserves this gift more than he does, and my heart was lifted to immeasurable heights as I listened to his joyous laughter.

The other Blessing for me was performing a little benefit concert in Tacoma for the Sigma Alpha Iota musicians fraternity/sorority last Sunday afternoon. It was an intimate venue with a small but lovely audience. The hour long Program (which was newly created) was very well received which was a huge relief for both D.J and myself.

D.J. is my pianist, best friend, and an extraordinarily gifted artist who has the uncanny ability to breath with me at every measure. We are a good team, and I never want to create a diverse musical Program without his intelligent insights, and remarkable repertoire of songs. We collaborate with pure joy, and we were fortunate to have the chance to perform a concert again after all these years. I certainly hope we will be able to do it again in the very near future even if it’s scary for both of us.

It’s a beautiful Fall day today, and I felt compelled to write about it  because maybe as time whizzes by I want to share every little precious moment of beauty, and laughter to anyone who happens to read my little musings.

Happy Autumn and Blessings to All!


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  1. Dan Cohenour  October 11, 2018

    I wish you a Happy Birthday next week. And another Happy Anniverary in it’s time. You look at 66 with some trepidation. I am looking at mid November and my 80th birthday with some degree of thankfulness for still having reasonably good health, although during the last few months I spent almost two of them in the hospital. I’ve been discharged with a clean bill of health and am recovering my strength daily. Look forward to your life with anticipation and there is no need for worry. Life comes to us every day until it doesn’t. There is no reason to worry about it. When it stops, it stops. Then there is another chapter. God Bless you. With love. Dan Cohenour.


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