Christmas, New Year, and the Future

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Well, the Christmas lights are up, the house is decorated, but the cookies are not baked, and will not be created due to the fact that I MUST NOT gain weight as I will be embarking on an adventure that requires being gazed upon from every angle.  In February I will be rehearsing Grey Gardens to be performed “in the round” at Seattle’s ACT Theater, and I want to feel a little less apprehensive about the ole body.

I will have completed directing the Workshop performances of the one-woman musical I co-wrote, and hopefully it will gain some positive momentum, and will contiune to become a full fledged production that will eventually lead to enabling a zillion singing actresses to perform some amazing music for many years to come.

I will soon be thrown head long into portraying the role of “actor” once again, and I have to truthfully testify that it has been such a joy to NOT have to be onstage these last few weeks.  I am very grateful to have the opportunity to delve into these two real life characters of Edith/Little Edie; such a challenge, but as most people who know me, know that I definitely prefer the quiet, and reclusive life!

I am rambling and should just get onto the reason I wrote this today……….


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  1. Patti Cohenour  December 9, 2012

    I lied……I did bake cookies…….no fudge; just cookies……couldn’t help it……it’s CHRISTMAS people and it just had to happen. I’m not sorry because I would do it again, and I just might before the Season is over so there!!!!

    • Maddie Scheutzow  December 9, 2012

      Patti…your comment just made me laugh out loud. Merry Christmas, and enjoy ALL the cookies 🙂


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