Entering Twilight

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I woke up this morning excitedly realizing that it is my Birthday. A few weeks ago I looked at the calendar and saw that it falls on a Saturday which made me really happy since week day Birthdays always cause problems as far as celebrating.

This year with the shadow of the “virus” surrounding everyone’s existence I will still celebrate with some pumpkin pie and a chocolate cake (it’s the law) as well as listen to good music as I try (I’m really terrible) to play billiards along with my husband who is really good at it.

Birthdays make one ruminate on one’s life, and this year as I process the loss of so many dear friends I have a profound realization that I am entering twilight.

Twilight is at once beautiful and yet deeply foreboding. Darkness is approaching, mortality fleeting, and nothing will stop it. This is when one must make the choice to face the inevitable with courage and have Faith that dawn and Light is always a constant even as we fade into darkness.

This leads to the age old question of Is There Life after Death? Of course no solid answers are ever to be found, and though I no not know the hour when I will find the answer; I am choosing the idea that Light and Peace awaits me. I also have the Hope that I may again be able to see all those dear, dear souls that I am missing so terribly while still existing in this realm.

I certainly do not want to come off as depressed or worried because I have always loved my Birthday, but I think with twilight right in front of me, I am fully aware of the inevitable journey I will be taking, and hope that my chosen idea will be proven correct.

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  1. Lori Anderson  October 17, 2020

    Happy, happy birthday to you, Patti! I love your writing and am so happy when I have an email notification that you’ve written something new. I hope today is a beautiful day of love and celebration!

  2. Frank Muzzy  October 17, 2020

    Oh my….that time of year ….Happy Birthday and much celebration of your “new year”…to come….. With it I send my love and fondest of memories of all of our adventures over the years…


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