Geese, Gulls, & Those Glorious Stars

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My husband and I took a very much needed and long awaited two week staycation. It has been a pretty darn good two weeks, but yesterday was the best day I can remember experiencing in a very long time.

Four weeks ago he made the announcement that we would be going fishing since our boat is set up for that kind of adventure. Utilizing his access to the “University of YouTube” (the term told to me by a salty fisherman at the boat launch); he soaked up as much information as he could on what kind of reels, poles, down riggers, bait, and water areas should be used and explored.

We have been out fishing at least seven to eight times, and he has caught a small dog fish (shark family with very sharp teeth), a little flounder and two tiny salmon; all of them promptly removed from the hook and placed back into the sea. Oh I forgot! One of the days, a sea gull swooped down and tried to get the bait, got hooked and was not a happy camper until he was unhooked to fly away like the silly gull he was.


During these excursions I have been at the helm as he “trolled” and “mooched” while I learned about currents, tides and how the sea is the mistress of men’s souls. What a magnificent creation on the glorious Earth! We are such a small insignificant presence, and it’s a miracle that Mother Nature allows us to even exist and enjoy her Gifts.

I was so content, but stayed concentrated on my task of paying attention to the depth and the latitudes/longitudes of where we were fishing. I had to be aware of other boats, and not infringe on their area. Most importantly, I had to pay attention to the boat wakes that would slowly ripple towards us and make sure to point our bow in the right direction so as to ride the wake as easily as possible. All I can say is that I loved and love the whole experience.

Yesterday, we decided to get out very early at around 6:30am, and our two lovely neighbors joined us for our morning fishing excursion. The day was absolutely perfect as the stars were still in sight, the almost full lemon yellow moon looked down from high above, and the sunrise pierced our eyes as all four of us reveled in the sheer beauty and peace that surrounded us. It was as if we had the whole glassy sea to ourselves

The two husbands busily worked to place their lines in the water as the two wives quietly shared in conversation. Again, I was at the helm and maintained my course at 1.8 knots as we slowly crept over a deep 250 foot shelf that contained the much sought after seasonal Puget Sound salmon. There are  guidelines to fishing for these rare species, and the dates that allow fishing are strictly enforced. Happily our neighbor got a bite, and all of a sudden it became obvious that it wasn’t seaweed, or debris. It was a beautifully sized coho salmon, and he reeled it in like a pro. What a wonderful moment for him, and for all of us. What struck both wives was how calm the two men were at this rare event of catching a salmon.

We skimmed back to the Harbor, loaded the boat onto the trailer, said our goodbyes as well as more congrats to the neighbors, and used the rest of the day to cleaning our beloved vessel, working out in the gardens, having a great meal, and ending the day by listening to “Golden Oldies” by our homebuilt fire pit in the middle of the abundant vegetable garden. There were those beautiful stars again; greeting me with their remarkable beauty. Fatigue had set in, but I have never been more relaxed or content.

Today we are going to the neighbors home for grilled salmon dinner, and as I write this, my husband is napping and relaxing on the last week end of our staycation. What an end to a lovely couple of weeks, but we are going to extend the fishing expeditions through the end of the month.

When the weather is cooperative, we will escape in the early morning to be part of the sea. I will stay at the helm as my husband fishes for elusive salmon, and I will revel in the beauty of the chevron formations of geese making their way South as we await the inevitable arrival of Autumn, and the always demanding presence of Winter as it slowly travels back into our lives.

“Summer’s lease hath all too short a date.”
William Shakespeare

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  1. Gary and Susie Harris  August 15, 2022

    Patti sometime we hope you and your husband will come to visit us in Pensacola Florida. Gary grew up with you on Matthew street and it would be an honor to see you again. I am not sure if you remember us in Albuquerque when you visited, but we got to talk with you and your husband. Reminisced about the old times (taking your parents car for joy ride – what a mess). We are so proud to see all your achievements! We are setting here today listening to your music and are proud to see you did it! Susie and Gary Harris (Whitashek) the kid on the loud motorcycle. We used to go to the diamond district in NYC and always thought about you. PS. Mr. Todd and Cheryl used to talk about you all the time. Cheryl was so happy to get your picture.


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