Giving Thanks and Escaping Reality!

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As we enter into the Holiday Season the incredible stress to be perfect begins. As much as I love Hallmark, there is a bit of a resentment that sets in when you watch the snow softly falling onto the young lovers having their first kiss in front of the perfectly decorated home and yard (that some poor production assistants worked for a zillion hours to construct) as the “lived happily ever after” moment fades to The End.

The story lines are always similar: “single” person loses job or needs a change, travels to best friend’s and/or families home in a rural setting, meets their soul mate as a mistaken identify of a previous love interest upsets the inevitable “meant to be” moment which leads to the chance meeting that clears up the mistake and is followed by the “falling snow kiss”!

I’ve seen this a hundred times, but it is still more uplifting then the politically charged arguments, and pontifications of righteousness that inundates us while the pontificators bank accounts are sustained by the twenty four hour holiday commercialization of our most Blessed days of Peace and Joy.

This year I have already bought the baking accoutrement for homemade cookies and my grandmother’s fudge with the anticipation of listening to Christmas music, or watching a Hallmark movie while escaping the reality of the violent upheaval that rocks all our souls into a constant state of worry and dread.

Have Faith in this time of stress, and hold onto the real meaning of the Holidays which for me is cherishing and remembering the special people that have been in your life as well the creatures great and small that have loved you unconditionally.

Have a Blessed Thanksgiving, a Merry Christmas, and a Wondrous New Year!

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  1. Frank Muzzy  November 19, 2018

    Hey Patti…. I always get a warmth from all our memories I have stored in my head….. Yesterday, I watched some Hot air balloons raise up in the Palm Springs sky…and I recalled watching with you and Tom the Balloon ascensions above Albuquerque years ago….before Phantom ….In fact you had to rush off to London…….I also remember us picking blackberries in Washington…..yum….pies~ Good blessings to you’se guys….. Hugs Frank

  2. Catherine TerBurgh  November 24, 2018

    Thank you Patti, I miss seeing you. Maybe you and I could have lunch in Gig Harbor sometime?”….so we can catch up.We are selling our house and moving to an RV as snow birders. So much changes coming. Happy Joyous Holidays and New Year to come. Catherine


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