Happy New Year and Blessings To All

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Well we are starting 2018, and as usual the predictions start rolling in even though the reality is that one never knows for sure what the future will truly bring. There are always the good mixed with the bad because such is life, and one must embrace all of it with as much dignity and courage as one can.

I look at my own journey and how fortunate I am to still be breathing and taking in all the tremendous beauty that this remarkable planet bestows on a daily basis. I am determined to not take any of it for granted.

The Christmas week was filled with much eating, drinking, merriment, and I can’t recall a better Holiday. It was a quiet magical time, especially when we were Blessed with a White Christmas that began on the late afternoon of Christmas Eve, and the snowflakes continued to fall gracefully onto our tall majestic trees painting them with soft light flecks of beauty through the evening of Christmas Day. I was beyond thrilled and overwhelmed!

I want to ask forgiveness if I was elusive this year. I have always had a preference to stay to myself and assume it’s because I was the “baby of the family” and spent hours upon hours alone on a four acre property surrounded by fields with just the companionship of my dogs, cats and horses. I was a very happy child who never felt the need to be around a lot of people, and it shaped me into the person I am today. This can be considered a good thing or maybe a bad thing, but it is what it is.

Love to all who know that I cherish them, and I sincerely wish everyone a Blessed 2018, and the happiest prosperous year ever!

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  1. Catherine TerBurgh  December 31, 2017

    So happy to have to back in Washington. Hope to see you soon. We can come to you if easier. Dale has been doing well since his heart attack. Cardiac rehab exercises, helps a lot, different diet, no smoking, and one glass of red wine at night seems to be doing the trick. Glad you had a lovely holiday season under the cedar trees. Love and Light, Catherine and Dale


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