Heading to L.A.

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Well, I’m leaving to go down to Los Angeles to begin rehearsals for “Loving the Silent Tears”; a one night concert play to be performed at the Shrine Auditorium on Oct. 27th. I’ve always said that when it comes to my career, I just fly by the seat of my pants, or to put it a better way “just go with the flow!” I’ve never known what the Universal Force (a.k.a. GOD) has ever had in mind for me, but this particular event really came out of the blue. What kind of adventure will it turn out to be? I will try to update my journey as much as time will allow, but in the meantime……

The BIG news is I turn 60 on October 17th, and will be the same age as my father was when he passed away. It is a sobering time filled with mixed emotions, but one thing I know is that my Blessings have been thousand fold, and all of my remarkable experiences have made my life an extraordinary one. Obviously, I want to keep going a good long while, and by God’s good graces; continue to spend quality time on this beautiful Planet.

Happy Autumn everybody!!!

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