Jet Lag!

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Just touched down for one day to re-pack from a week in NM, and now getting ready to travel to St. Louis to work for a couple of weeks at the famous 11,000 seat MUNY outdoor theater.

I feel a bit overwhelmed with all of the logistics that I’ve had to keep track of this month, but when I play my final performance of Mary Sunshine in Chicago the Musical on July 1st, and then head home, I’ll be able to breath a little and get re-aligned.

The NM concert and recording work went well; although the audience had to be brought back to life when I went out onstage. We (D.J. and I) got them back, but it sure took a lot of work resulting in a standing ovation at the end, but WOW was it challenging!

Well, I have to make this short and get packing for another two weeks of being on the road, but it is good to see my home for at least twenty four hours…..more later….and bye for now.

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