Out of the Playground and into Reality

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ImageNow that I’m not currently a “professional playground player,” I am in the process of learning to administer two businesses, and I have to say that I enjoy the challenge. Even though the learning curve needle is still far to the left of the dial; progress is being made. There was a major set back these last few days due to lack of a good internet connection which threw everything into the Dark Ages. The incident brought to light how much we all depend on the technology of sending information into the ether and connecting with the whole world.  I can’t believe the day has arrived that I’d be writing this, but “back in my day” we never even had pagers!

On another subject. I had the honor of taking a CPR/AED First Aid course a couple of weeks ago, and absolutely loved it. I can not stress enough how important it is to take a few hours out of your own life in order to learn how to try and save another one. I know that this is a shameless plug, but our company Northwest Response is a Red Cross approved source to learn these skills. To sign up for a class, just go to northwestreponse.com and click on the calendar to see the schedule.

I’m hardly objective, but my husband is a wonderful instructor who’s talents to inform makes the class fly by, and then you realize how much you’ve learned and feel empowered to “do something” if it ever becomes necessary to act. Seriously everyone, just go out and learn basic life saving skills that could safe someone’s life; do NOT wait, just DO IT!

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