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Just before I was going on vacation I received an email from my NY agent about an offer to participate in a Reading of a new musical entitled “The Museum of Broken Relationships”. I read the script and found it touching and very different.

“Museum of Broken Relationships”:

The work is based on the museum established in Zagreb, Croatia and now there are museums in all parts of the globe which “present both physical and virtual public spaces created with the sole purpose of treasuring and sharing heartbreak stories and symbolic possessions of love and loss.”

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At first I hesitated to work on the Reading because of the logistics of juggling two commitments, but the producing team of the Reading had already offered to work around my scheduling conflicts. Plus, both my husband and agent felt I should accept the offer in order to get re-ignited as an actor and do something completely different from “War Paint” and as usual they were both right. I’m very grateful I accepted, and am now sharing the process of creating a new piece with all these wonderful artists.

The two presentations of “Museum” will be the day before and the day of my birthday, and it is already a gift. I’m impressed with the talent in the room, as well as the calm and supportive atmosphere. When working on a new work it’s important to be able to collaborate and create with one another, and not feel hampered when trying to flesh out a character. This openness can only come from a good director who appreciates the actor, and enjoys working with them. David H. Bell is certainly one of those directors!

I had the pleasure of working with him on a production of “A Desert Song” well over thirty years ago, and all I remember about the show was that there was a real horse on stage, and that I had to sing in the stratosphere.

Now working with David once again after all these years, I realize that whether it is in the creative, business or personal realm; kindness will get amazing and better results every time.

Now my fingers are crossed that Ms. Ebersole will continue to stay strong and amazing while I finish working on the Reading, and enjoy my stroll through the “Museum of Broken Relationships.”





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  1. Margaret Cohenour  October 7, 2017

    This is exciting! Congratulations and Happy Birthday!


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