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I received a call from the 5th Avenue Theater asking if I would once again participate in their Spotlight Series which is an evening spent discussing facts and featuring music from their upcoming productions.

The Spotlight Night for Grey Gardens and The Music Man will be on Tuesday evening of January 8th, 2013 onstage at the 5th Avenue Theater.

David Armstrong the Artistic Producer/Director of the 5th will emcee the event, and he is especially gifted at presenting interesting insights about each show.  There will also be a Question and Answer period with my illustrious Director of Grey Gardens, Mr. Kurt Beattie; the Artistic Director of ACT Theatre.

I’ve been asked to perform a duet from the show with my co-star Jessica Skerritt who will play young Edie in the production.  I hope people will attend the Spotlight Night presentation, because they are always entertaining and informative.

See ya at the 5th!

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