The Ladies of Lyric and Song

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Many months ago, Ms.Erin Guinup who is a very gifted singer; approached me about directing her in a lecture she had created about the female lyricists and composers of the American Musical Theater. Needless to say, we had to wait a while before starting because she was busy and I was busy (Grey Gardens), but we finally had our first production meeting at the end of August.

After many weeks of hard work; the presentation entitled….

“The Ladies of Lyric and Song” will be performed for free at 7:30pm this
Saturday, November 16th at the University of Puget Sound’s Concert Hall;
1500 N. Union, Tacoma, WA

The program is a little over an hour and encompasses informative history interlaced with songs created by some of the most wonderfully talented women writers of the 20th and 21st Century.

Erin handles all of the difficult transitions of singing styles beautifully, and sings every song with panache and technical perfection.

As a director and co-writer, I wanted to imbue the lecture with a warm “living room” feel to bring the audience closer to the performer.  I also created a slide show to enhance the program and give an audience images of the women Erin talks about as well as images that support the lyric content of the songs.  I absolutely loved learning how to use the “slide show” application, and even though it was a time consuming effort; it was definitely worth it.

Hope you can make it to the concert, and here’s to all of the women past, present and future who have, do, and will contribute to the American Musical Theater!


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