The Stars Are Out Tonight

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Last night I snuck out of the house a little after midnight to look at the Perseid Meteor showers, and speaking of showers; we finally got some much needed rain all day which meant that the sky was a bit overcast. No matter….there I was smelling the fresh clean air, listening to the left over raindrops gently fall off the cedar boughs while I gazed up in the patch of stars waiting to see some miracles of the Universe.

There really are no words to describe the beauty and the solitude of a midnight excursion into the deep dark starry night. The absolute certainty that we are not alone, and the overpowering sense of wonder that comes with just taking a moment to be with the sky.

Many years ago, (thirty five to be exact) I met my “husband to be” in a week-end workshop gathering in Los Angeles, California. It was to be three days of learning techniques on how to shake off negatives and move forward with confidence into life. I was not too happy to participate, but a dear friend encouraged me to sign up, and I will be forever thankful to “Skat” (who is now among the stars) for her constant nagging which led me to sign up for that week end.

When I arrived and got my name tag, I made my way down the hall where a young man was leaning against the wall by the Pepsi machine looking like he didn’t want to be there any more than I did. I bought my can of Pepsi, we exchanged hellos, and sat next to each other for the “orientation”. Many months later he confessed to me that he had gone back that very night and told his roommate that he had just met the girl he was going to marry!

Now, jump forward nine months later to this same young man standing under a tree in the back yard of my sister’s home asking me to marry him. I said no! I truly felt that no one should marry an actor, especially a theatre actor who is constantly battling for work, and always traveling for months on end to pay for an apartment in L.A. or N.Y. they never live in unless they find another actor to sublet it!

Needless to say he was very sad, and I was completely flummoxed, unsure and confused as I left him there and made my went to the front of the house. I sat on the curb of the cul de sac, and looked up at the New Mexico sky which was filled with stars that you could almost touch.

I decided to ask my father’s advice on whether to marry this amazing young man who I loved so very much. Unfortunately, my Dad had passed on a few years before, but I was absolutely certain that he was now a part of the Universe so I asked him to please show me a sign on what to do. All of a sudden, a huge star exploded in the sky, and after being blown away at what had just occurred, I immediately got up, walked back to the tree where my love was still standing, and replied “yes, I will marry you!”. We were married in that same back yard on May 27th, 1984.

Now back to last night! As my dear husband of thirty four years slept, I was sitting in our old cedar chair with a blanket listening to the hoot of an owl, and the screech of another owl when I decided to ask my Dad if he could say hello and show me another sign, and within seconds…there it was….another star explosion which literally took my breath away.

I don’t know what happens after we pass from this beloved and special life on Earth, but I have Faith that we are a part of something much bigger than ourselves. My life, my Blessings, my pursuit of happiness is a daily gift, and one that I never, ever want to take for granted.

Thank you God for your Glory and the powers of the Universe that I have the good fortune to witness everyday until the time arrives when I am hopefully given the chance to explode some stars of my own!

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  1. Donna Migliaccio  August 13, 2018

    What a lovely post. Wishing you all the best, my friend.

  2. Catherine  August 13, 2018

    So happy to hear you are home. Hope we can see you both this summer. Catherine and Dale


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