The Summer of Reflection

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summer-photo-sunflowers-sunIts a day off and I finally have a moment to reflect on these last few weeks spent with War Paint!

Everyone in the company desperately needed the time to breath and relax because with any new piece the rehearsal process can be stressful and brutal. It is the most necessary time period when the creatives are re-shaping and improving every little aspect of the work. I find it fascinating and illuminating, and my job is to try to stay on top of every piece of dialogue, music, blocking and inflection of the role I am covering.

It is an honor to watch both Ms. Ebersole and Ms. Lupone shape and lock into these two characters and bring the audience such joy. The musical has wonderful moments; the actors, humor and pathos of the book, the music and lyrics, orchestra, orchestrations, sets, lighting, costumes come together to make this piece a very entertaining experience. So far the Preview audiences are loving it, and this is a good thing.

We open in a week. There are a few more “day” rehearsals left for the creatives to make any and all changes, and then the piece will be frozen beginning this week end, and assuming they will let the piece settle before the official Opening Night on Monday evening of July 18th.

Then the work begins in earnest for all of us who are covering all the various roles. We are all professional, hard working actors and I am very impressed with the “bench”! Each and every one of them have become friends, and I am honored to be in the life boat with them.

I am also so fortunate to be up and running after my health issues a couple of years ago, and definitely feeling that I am firing on all cylinders; medical technology is a wondrous thing.

I know that I have been living at the theater for weeks, but I am well aware of my country’s terrible divisive and emotional issues. Even as we face the tumultuous waters, I have Faith in my fellow country men and in his inherit goodness to somehow stay steady and forthright in the face of Evil.

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