Watching the Paint Dry

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We are now in Previews for “War Paint” and I am very proud of everyone’s hard work on this production. The stage crew and costume dressers are amazing, and handle the challenges with patience and expertise. The real estate backstage at The Nederlander is minimal to say the least so the technical demands are huge! All the set pieces are hung and hoisted into the fly area so it’s a good idea to never look up; that way you won’t worry about the tables, desks, staircase, boat ramp etc. hanging over your head.

I’ve stated many times how much I dread the very necessary tech rehearsals, and in this case it didn’t disappoint. It was long and arduous. The house was filled with dozens of tables that contained computers, monitors, and personnel. Our understudy/standby table was up in the mezzanine for the duration of the process. I never left that table (until called to the stage) and observed the slow creative process of mounting this beautiful Broadway show.

One impressive achievement is the ability for the assistant choreographer and our dance captain to utilize their iPads containing a stage template which enables them to place each and every performer’s track onto the template. This will keep the show in perfect shape and minimize the time it takes to rehearse and implement the many track changes that are made during Previews. WOW! I am distinctly aware that not only are we no longer in the 20th Century, but seriously moving at great speed into the 22nd one.

My job is to stay healthy, and keep on top of the changes as well as facilitate the creative team in placing the final touches on the canvas that is “War Paint”. I know how Blessed I am to be able to participate in an original Broadway musical, but sure wish my dressing room area had a bit more elbow room. Ah the perils of old Broadway houses. I have always been so impressed with local high school and college theaters and their amazing “state of the art” facilities. It must be a real jolt for all the fresh young performers who finally make it to the Great White Way to walk into an old Broadway house and get flung back in time, but then they are awash with the realization that they have just walked into theatrical history.

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  1. Louise Loomis  March 14, 2017

    We are so excited for you, Patti! It has been wonderful to read about your new ventures and adventures! So glad that you are reconnecting in NYC and making wonderful new, supportive friends in the cast. Wish we could see the show. Enjoy! Take care of yourself!

    Love and Hugss,
    Lynn and Louise


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